Yelagiri Places of Interest

Located 260 km from Chennai and 920m above sea level, amidst four mountains, these picturesque environs are a part of javvad hills of the eastern ghats.

Several tribes inhabit the 14 small villages in the region and engage in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Their unique lifestyle, customs and homes, as well as an exquisitely carved church, a quaint temple and a park for the tourists add to the attractions of the place.

Elagiri hills is also perfect for a short trekking holiday.


Access to Yelagiri

Road: It is Well connected by Road Ponneri to Yelagiri (14 Km) busses are available.
Rail: Nearest Station os Jolarpettai. (Jolarpettai to Yelagiri21 Km)
Air: Nearest Airport Chennai and Bangalore.
Chennai to Yelagiri-233 k.m. Bangalore to Yelagiri-145 K.m

About Yelagiri

It is a wonderful tourist place where one can enjoy the charms of traditional life in the lap of the mother earth. The path taking the roadway to Yelagiri is finely constructed and well punctuated with the milestones and signboards all way through. Petrol pumps are sufficient enough which makes traveling convenient and easy.

Yelagiri is one of the famous places for trekkers in India. This hill station is located at a height of 920 meters above sea level. Itís a great getaway from the cacophony of the urban life. Yelagiri comprises 14 hamlets that is spread over a couple of hills.

Punganoor Boating Lake

An artificial Lake sitiated in the center of the Yelagiri Hills having 56.70 area is called Punganoor Lake. The Yelagiri Hill development and Tourism Promotion Socity maintains, the Park and Boating facility in the lake. Fountain in the center if the lake is an added attraction. Inside the Garden Children Play materials are installed to recreate the kids.

Herbal Farm

Near the Punganoor Lake, a herbal farm, is maintained by the forest Drepartment With rare herbals used in the Sidda and Ayurvadic medical treatments.

Paran, Telescope

At the entrance of the Ghat Road a telescope has been installed to enable the tourists to view the deep slope, green valley and Jolarpet palins.

Kodai Vizha Thidal

A Good Park is being formed at Kodai Vizha Thidal to enterain Tourists. It is located near the Boating Lake Park

Velavan Temple

Lord Murugan Temple, situated is the highest peaks of the Yelagiri Hills offers panoramic view of the entire hill area. Kadothkajan is standing posture in front if this temple is a an note attraction for the tourists. Temple festival in the month of July is being celebrated in a grand manner every year. Local People and devotees gather here in god so.

Jalagamparai Water Falls

17 km from Tirupattur. The river 'Attaru' in the Yelagiri hill flows down at Jadayanur after height of 30 mts. Bathing in this Waterfalls cure many diseases because it passes through various herbal plants in the hills. One can reach this waterfalls by a trek route Kmt. from Nilavur in the hills.

Jalagamparai Temple

A temple in the shape of Shivalinga with the deity of Lord Muruga is situated near the waterfalls.

Swami Malai Hills

Swami malai hills are the hills in the form of cake with a strong base at the bottom and high peak of the hills just tend to touch the sky. Trekking is an attarction at Swami Malai.

Telescope observatory

A telescope observatory near Yelagiri hill is also of attraction of visitors.

Samaritan Residential School

A co-educational boarding school providing education to students from India and several other countries around the world.


Yelagiri Hill Development Authoruty & Tourism Promotion Society, Ph: 0416 - 2242726

For Guide and for Information Tourist Information Centre, Yelagiri

Ph: 04179 - 295101, Cell: 94863 28778.
Block Development Officer Jolarpet - 04179-220015



Trekking :

It is endowed With some trekking routes through reserved forest leading to beautiful Sports Like waterfalls, Peak points, Valley view points etc.,

Trekk Routes :

Punganoor-Nilavur Jalagamparai - 14 Km
Punganoor Swamimalai Hill - 6 Km
Mangalam to Swamimalai - 2 Km
Puthur to Perumadu Waterfalls - 3 Km
Boat House to Pulicha Kuttai - 3 Km
Nilavur to Kardimunai - 1.5 Km


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