Vellore Places of Interest

Located 260 km from Chennai and 920m above sea level, amidst four mountains, these picturesque environs are a part of javvad hills of the eastern ghats.

Several tribes inhabit the 14 small villages in the region and engage in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Their unique lifestyle, customs and homes, as well as an exquisitely carved church, a quaint temple and a park for the tourists add to the attractions of the place.

Elagiri hills is also perfect for a short trekking holiday.


Amirthi Zoological Park

It is situated under the Javvadu/Javadi Hills of Tellai across Amirthi river which is 25 km away from Vellore. This zoological park was started in October, 1967. The area of the park is 25 hectares and one can find beautiful waterfalls. There are also different kinds of birds and animals. Play equipments like swings, seesaw etc., are available for children. There are 2 rest houses and five members can stay in one dormitory. The entrance fees is only Rs.2/- per head, Rs.3/- for cycles, Rs.5/- for vans and Rs.2/- for motor cycles. There is a range office at Amirthi headed by the forest ranger. Ph : 0416-2217974


25 km from Vellore. Arcot was the headquarters of Nawab of Carnatic, who ruled this region in 18th century AD. The fort enclosing the Arcot town was on the bank of river Palar. It was built by Daud Khan, Nawab of Arcot. The fort was huge one and had a circumference of 8 kms. The invasion of Tipusultan of Mysore resulted in the complete destrution of the fort. Arcot was the first important fortified town captured (1751) by Robert Clive in the British-French struggle for South India.

Central Jail

The Central Jail, Vellore was established on 19.03.1867 Places of Interest with 160 convicts. It is the largest Jail in the dist. The prison has historical importance. Political leaders like former president Sri R. Venkat Raman, Dr. Aringer C.N. Anna Durai, late Tr.V.V.Giri, late Tr. Kamaraj and Sri Vinoba Bhave were confined in this prison. Ph : 0416-2220003.

Church of South India

It comes under the churches of south India. It is one of the biggest church. The RCA came to North Arcot Dist, and established the churches . The church is nearly 150 years old. Previously this church was in the filterbed road. The British soliders who died during the Sepoy Mutiny have been buried in the vicinity of this church. The church is given authorization by the British Government to maintain this graveyard. Ph : 0416-22206693.


27 km from Vellore. Erukkampattu is a small village situated close to the monuments at Vallimalai and Melpadi. The temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is built on the lake bund. The god is enshrined here in the Sayana form of Ranganatha. The recent earthwork carried out in the temple revealed discoveries including a broken but beautiful stone image of Bhoga Sayanamurthy assignable to middle Chola Period. Timing : 6.30 am to 12 noon & 4 am to 7.30 pm. Ph : 0416-22206693.


This is the main Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Vellore. Situated adjacent to the Bishop’s House, the Church has turned into a major religious center after it was rebuilt in 2001. The bell tower of the church, said to be the highest bell tower in India, is a major attraction.

Clock tower

This clock tower was erected in the memory of the coronation of King George V. The tower is also dedicated to the 22 English soldiers who went to fight from this town during the 1st World War (1914–1918) out of which 14 died in this war.

French Bungalow

Located 33 km outside of Vellore city is a bungalow built by a minor prince of the erstwhile Mysore state - Srinivasa Iyer. It is a brass frame-worked structure and a lot of the material was imported. It is currently owned by the Mysore maharajas family who occasionally visit. The bungalow is situated 7 km outside Pusimalaikuppam on Bungalow Road.


10 km from Ambur, this place is famous for the Murugan temple situated on hill. Streams surround the temple area. One can see the ruins of the fort that are said to be there during the Nawab period. From this hill one can see the panoramic view of Umarabad, a small town with a very big mosque and Arabic college.
Ph : 0416- 22206693.


7 km from Ranipet.It is famous for the small Siva temple on a plateau surrounded by hills. One can see many suyambu lingams. It is believed that they are the Siddhas who lived there for thousands of years.


It is well-known for its lake which is the biggest in this district. It was built by King Nandivarman III of Pallava dynasty.

Balamathi Hills

Balamathi, a serene and small beautiful village located on top of the hills of Eastern ghats is a 30 minute drive from Vellore. It is famous for its Balamurugan Temple which is connected to the city by a well laid road with many hair pin bends. Balamathi enjoys pleasant breeze and a substantially low temperature which makes a ideal break away from city’s naturally hot weather.

Kankeyanallur Temple

This temple is 3 km from Vellore in Kangeyanallur village. The temple dedicated to Lord Muruga was built some five hundred years ago and later on it was renovated by Sri Mallaiyadhas Bhagavadhar and Sri Thirumuruga Kirupanandha Variyar. Timing : 7 am to 11.30 am & 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
Ph : 0416-2212761.

Christian Medical College and Hospital

Christian Medical College & Hospital (popularly known as CMC), the largest and one of the most prestigious hospitals in India, is located in the heart of Vellore. It attracts a floating population of at least 5000 persons every day. The hospital was founded in the early part of the 20th century by an American medical missionary Dr. Ida S. Scudder.

The CMC Hospital has a functioning Quality Management programme and is one of the first Asian hospitals to have been ISO certified. Country’s first stem cell translational research centre, was set up in Dec 01 2005 here. Central government’s biotechnology department had selected CMC for setting up the first of a series of centers in the country as it had world class clinical hematology and biochemistry departments.
Ph : 0416-2282010, Fax : 2232035
Medical College, 2262788,
Mental Health Centre Ph : 2261632.

Sripuram Golden Temple

A grand ‘golden temple’, the Mahalakshmi temple, located on a sprawling 100 acres of land at Sripuram, near Vellore, has been constructed by Vellore-based Sri Narayani Peetam, headed by spiritual leader Sri Sakthi Amma. The consecration (kumbha-bhishekam) was performed on 24th August 2007.

The temple, covering 55,000 sq ft, has intricate carvings and sculptures in gold. Except for the pathway, the entire structure has been made of gold and copper.

About 400 goldsmiths and coppersmiths, including craftsmen from Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam, have completed the architectural marvel in gold in six years.

The pathway to the temple has been laid out in the shape of a star with messages of ‘Amma’ and quotes from Gita, Bible and Quran displayed on either side.

Access By Train : Take the train to Katpadi which is the nearest station to the Peedam. From the station take a bus or car to Sri Narayani Peedam via the town of Vellore in the direction of Usoor.

By Car: Drive to the town of Vellore and take the road in the direction of Usoor to Sri Narayani Peedam.

Location : Sripuram is located in Thirumalaikodi, Vellore.
Timings : 8 am. to 8 pm.
Ph : 0416-2271202, 2271844, 2206500


28 km from vellore. The village Mahendravadi owes its origin to Pallava Mahendra Varman-I (AD 580-630). According to an inscription in Pallava grantha this cave temple was excavated by Gunabhara on the bank of a large tank called Mahendra thataka in the city of Mahendrapura.


It is located 12 km from Vellore. Melpadi is an important place being the border between Chola and Rashtrakuta kingdoms. It is a Pallippadai temple and seems to have been built over the mortal remains of Chola Arinjaya by his grandson Chola Raja Raja I in the year AD 1014.

Madrazaye Mohammadiya Masjid

Another important monument of attraction is that of the Mosque of Nawab Chanda Sahib. It was built in 1750 A.D. The entrance of the masjid is on the Northern side. At the top of the structure, provision is made for the speakers. On all the four sides of the structure is decorated with arch shapes. It is constructed with brick and lime. 0416-22206693


16 km from Vellore on the way to Arcot, Melvisharam is famous for the mosque. During the reign of Arcot Nawab plenty of Muslims lived here. Situated amidst the natural surrounding, this town is also famous for Abdul Hakim & Arabic college. 0416-22206693.

Mosque (Vellore Fort)

The Mosque inside the fort is protected by the A.S.I. It was built in 1750 and constructed of granite stones with mortar, on three sides. At present it is not used for worship and the gates of the mosque are closed. Timing : 4 am to 7 pm. 0416-22206693


This temple located 18 km from Vellore. The presiding deity here is Sri Ranganathaswamy. The stone inscriptions of the temple reveal that it should have been built in 10th century prior to the regime of Vikrama Chola. Timing : 7 am to 12 noon & 4 pm to 7.30 pm. Ph : 04171-244793.

Muthu Mandabam

It was inaugurated on 01.07.1990 by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr. M. Karunanidhi. Vikrama Raja Singhan, the last Tamil ruler to rule Kandy (Sri Lanka) was originally named Kannuswamy. The Britishers fought with him for 16 years from 1815 and Vikrama was arrested and imprisoned in the Vellore fort jail. He died in 1832. In his memory the Muthu Mandabam was established. His samadhi was erected by his son, Vikrama Raja Singham on 27.07.1832.. Ph : 0416-2217974.

Sholingar Sri Lakshmi Narasimma Temple

Located about 90 km west of Chennai (and about 25kms from Arakkonam and 40kms from Tiruttani), atop a hill on a single stone is the Lord Narasimha Divya Desam in Sholingar, also called Chozha-Simha- Puram and Thiru Kadigai. This is also referred to as Uthee Cheerangam (North Srirangam). There are two temples of significance here-the Yoga Narasimha temple at Periya Malai (the big hill) and the Yoga Chathurbhuja Anjaneyar temple at Chinna Malai (the samll hill). In downtown Sholingur, one finds the Aathi Kesavaperumal Kovil built by the Chozha kings. Atop the hill, in Thiru Kadigai, one finds the Moolavar deity and Amruthavalli Thaayar, while in the town below, one can have darshan of the Utsava Deity. Every Friday at 7 am in the morning, there is a Prarthana Utsavam for Amruthavalli Thaayar with special Abhishekam for the Thaayar and Perumal. On Sunday at 7am, there is special Abhishekam for Lord Anjaneya. Timing : 8 am to 5.30 pm. Rope car facility will be available shortly to cover the 750 feet to the abodes of Lord Narasimha.


  • Chitrai Brahmotsavam (April)
  • Maasi Dodda Acharya Utsavam (March)
  • Vaikasi Narasimha Jayanthi (June )
  • Puratasi Navarathri Utsavam (September)
  • Margazhi Adhyaana Utsavam and
  • Panguni Thiru Kalyana Utsavam (December)
No.39, Sannidhi Street, Sholingur-631 102. 04172-295999, 260255, 262225, 99443 30705.


15 km from Vellore. The famous temple dedicated to Sri Selva Vinayagar and Somasundareswarar has been attracting a large number of devotees from far and near it is at the village Shenbagavanam. Ph : 0416-22217974.

St. John’s Church

This Church is located 1 km from Vellore. It comes under the Churches of South India. It is one of the biggest Churches. The RCA (Reform Church of America) came to North Arcot District and established the church. The Church is nearly 150 years old. Ph : 0416-222060.

Ani Kattaputhur

Here we can see kamatchi Egambareswarar Temple. It is a Siva Temple. The Prime Deities in this temple are Lord Egambareswarar and Kamatchi Amman. It dates back to 965A.D. it belongs to Chola period. This temple is noted for its significance of developing unity between saivisam and Vaishnavisam. There is a separate shrine for lord perumal. There we can worship Perumal with Goddess Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. Location: 70km from Chennai ‘Anikattaputhur 5km from Perambakkam; Buses with 591A, 86A, 91, 91B,91P,107A and 138B are available from koyambedu Bus stand. Auto Services available from Perambakkam. Ph: 9445328596/9444729626 At the request of the devotees Gurukkal will be available.

Rat nagiri

Rathinagiri Bala Murugan Temple was built around the 14th century. Over the passage of time an ordinary sand structure was converted into a stone shrine.

Greatness of the Shrine Ancient Hindu scriptures say that wherever there is a hill, Lord Murugan resides as the all-powerful Deity. Of these Tirupparamkundram, Tiruchendur, Tiruvavinankudi, Tiruveragam and Palamuthircholai are famous shrines, collectively called ‘Kundruthoradal’. The holy shrine at Rathinagiri also features in this category. Literary Evidence The 14th Century poet Arunagirinathar has sung about this temple as Rathinakiri Vazh Murukane Ilaya Vaaramarar Perumaley’, which means ‘Murugan, the God of Devas resides in Rathinagiri’.

Archana in Tamil Lord Murugan being the God of Tamil it is only befitting that worship be carried on in Tamil. All mantras are chanted in Tamil so that the common man can better understand the worship. Temple hours Temple is kept open between 6 am to 1 pm & 4 pm. to 8 pm.

Abhishekam timings: 6 am to 10:30 am & 5:30 pm. Temple office working hours: 9 am to 1 pm & 3 pm to 6 pm. Located 145 km from Chennai & 12 km from Vellore.

Arulmigu Balamurugan Tirukkovil Rathinagiri, Kilminnal, Walajah Taluk, Vellore-632517
Ph : Off : 04172-266330, Temple : 04172- 266350.

Jalakandeswarar Temple

Situated inside the Vellore Fort, this temple boasts of a majestic Gopuram (tower). Here Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of “Jalakandeswarar”. The temple is located at subground levels than the temple moat, hence the name Jalakandeswarar. The temple was in closed state for a very long period. The main Deity of the sanctum sanctorium was taken away to a distant location to save Him from being dishonoured by an appraisal. It was brought back to place in 1980 when there was a severe water scarcity. The then Collector was the key man in getting the deity back to location.
Timing : 6 am to 1 pm & 3 pm to 8.30 pm.
Ph : 0416-2223412

State Government Museum

This Museum was opened to the public in 1985. It consists of objects of art, archaeology, pre-history, weapons, sculptures, bronzes, wood carvings, handicrafts, numismatics, philately, botany, geology and zoology. It treasures ancient and present day curios relating to Anthropology, Art and Archaeology, Botany, Geology, Numismatics, Pre-history, Zoology, etc. Entry Fees : Rs. 5 for Adult, Rs. 3 for Children, Rs. 2 for Student, Rs.100 for Foreigners. Timing: 9.30 am to 5 pm. Ph:0416-2220088.


Thakkolam is 5 km from vellore and historically important as the battle-field where the Rashtrakutas and the Cholas fought in 949 A.D. during the time of Rajaditya. The stone inscriptions in the temple reveal that this temple should have been built during the time of Pallava dynasty and was later on improved upon by Chola Kings. Ph : 0416-22217974.


18 km from Vellore. The presiding deity of this shrine is, Sri Vallanadheeswarar. Saint Thirugnana Sambandar has composed a Padhigam in praise of the deity. Feature of this shrine is that the Nandhi is not facing the Lord, but facing the opposite direction. Several stone inscriptions in both Tamil and Sanskrit could be found in the temple. Ph :0416-2236088, 2236491.


It is 14 km from Vellore. The village Tirumalpur is named after Tirumal (Lord Vishnu). The temple is of all-stone and assignable to 9th century A.D. based on architectural style and inscriptions of Parantaka Chola (A.D. 907-955). Ph : 0416-22206693


13 km from Vellore. The most sacred Siva Temple at Virinchipuram is popularly known as “Bhaskara Kshethiram”. The main shrine of the temple is said to have been built by Raja Raja Chola, Sambara Rayan, the viceroy of Kulothunga Chola. Timing : 6.30 am to 12 noon & 4 pm to 8 pm. Ph : 0416-2914546.


The hilly area locally known as Pancha Pandava Malai in Villapakkam was a flourishing Jaina center during the early medieval period as is evident from the rock cut cave temple, natural caverns with Jaina figures and inscriptions. The rock cut cave temple is a large excavation on the eastern face of the hill.

Delhi Gate

In 1751 Robert Clive captured this fort and named the gate, Delhi Gate, as this victory was the beginning of his capture of Delhi. It is believed that Clive used to take strategic decisions in the upper room. There is a stone slab with the following inscription near the big doorway. The gate formed part of the fortification of Arcot during its memorable defence by Lord Clive in 1751.


Vallimalai Murugan Temple Is a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan which is located on top of the hill, part of the Eastern Ghats, about 30 km from Vellore. The temple is known for its majestic views.

Vallimalai Murugan Temple is located in Vallimalai, Vellore District. The temple is situated near the town Walajapet. The residing God in the temple for Lord Murugan along with his wives Valli and Devayanai. The temple is located in beautiful hills on the top of the mountain. There are 444 steps to climb and reach the temple in a single hill. The history of Vallimalai Murugan temple is great one. Lord Maha Vishnu's two daughters were Valli and Devayanai. One day they decide to search husband for them. Their wish to marry a husband, who will never get angry. So they prayed for that. Suddenly Lord Murugan appeared before them. They requested Lord Murugan to marry them. But Lord Murugan said them that Devayanai will born to Indiran and Valli will born to Vedas in next generation. Then he promised to marry them and disappeared.

The annual Bhramotsavam is celebrated in the month of Maasi. Padi Utsavam is celebrated on Tamil new years day in the month of April, and the asterism of Kartikai in the month of Aadi.
contact : 0416-2217974.


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