Tirupur Places of Interest

Arulmigu Avinashilingeswarar Thirukoil - Avinashi :

Avinashi Temple 40 kms from Coimbatore. This temple was built by ‘Sundara Pandiya’ in the 15th century. The Sthalapuranam states that two boys were taking bath in a tank when a crocodile swallowed one. Three years later a ‘Thread ceremony’ was performed to the boy who survived. Though their family was happy on the occasion, there was grief in the family of the boy who was swallowed by the crocodile. On his way to meet ‘Cheramaan Peruman’, Sundaramoorthy Nayanar happened to pass by Avinashi and heard the tale. Moved by this, Sundaramoorthy Nayanar composed and sang for ‘Lord Shiva’ to resurrect the dead child. His prayers were answered and water started flowing into the empty tank and crocodile emerged from it with a grown boy of 8 years. The car festival is the most exciting of the festivals in this temple. This temple’s car is one of the biggest in South India and is noted for its fine wooden carvings. Dharshan Timings : 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Daily Poojas : Abhishekams at 5.30 a.m., 8.30 a.m. & 4.00 p.m. Located at Erode road, Avinashi - 641 654. Ph : 04296-273113, 0422-5382339.

Amaravathi Dam :

The Amaravathi dam is situated some 25 km away from Udumalpet. The Amaravathi dam is an average form of reservoir, which has been constructed across the reiver Cauvery. The dam is erected to a height of 90 feet. The Amaravathi dam is unique because of its outstanding Crocodile dam. This dam has been one among the familiar tourists sopts. people traveling to Udumelpet can make a visit to the dam. The Amaravathi dam supplies a good amount of water for the purpose of irrigation.

Avinashi :

The word Avinashi means that which is indestructible. It is a small town situated near Tirupur. The town is famous for the Shiva temple constructed by Sundarapandiya is closely associated with the great Saiva saint Sundaramoorthy Nayanar.

Dharapuram :

Dharapuram Town is situated along the banks of River Amaravathi. Dharapuram is a small agricultural marketing centre for a large rural hinter land in Tirupur District at a distance of 80 kms towards east of coimbatore and 65 kms towards southwest of Erode District headquarters. The nearest Railway Station to this town is Palani and Tirupur located at a distance of 34 km and 50 km respectively to the Dharapuram town.

Palladam :

Palladam lies in the outskirts of Coimbatore City. Palladam has mostly consisting of, Cotton Community people and most engaged in agriculture of Cotton and Tobacco. Most of the population are in Lower, Middle class people earning their living on daily wages. Palladam is a major Panchayat with large source of income collected from the business community. It has it own Library. In and around Palladam there are many weaving centres & knitting centres, hatchery meant for export to foreign countries, earning foreign exchange.

Sri Kadu Hanumantharaya Swamy Temple Dharapuram :

This temple is located at Dharapuram Town which is situated 32 kms from Palani. In the line distinguished paramahamsas established by the illustrious saint, philosopher, Sri Madhwacharya, there appeared in the 15th century Sri Vyasa thirtha (1447-1539 AD) a sanit par excellence who late become the royal preceptor of king Krishna deva raya on the most enlightened and benevolent rules of vijayanagar empire. It is believed that this temple is one of the nine important sacred shrines for the Madhwa community.

Thirumoorthy Temple - Thirumoorthy Hills :

50 Kms from Pollachi and 20 kms from Udumalpet on the highway from Palani to Coimbatore. Temple is situated at the foot of the hill adjacent to Thirumoorthy Dam. Importance of this temple is three Moorthy Idols originate in same place. A perennial stream flows by the side of Arulmigu Amanalingeswara Swami temple and nearby there is Thirumoorthy falls. Progressed by their prayer, Lord Shiva together with Brammah and Thiru Moorthigal(Vishnu) came in disguise to test their devotion. The Thiru Moorthigal refused to accept their offerings as such and demanded that the offering should be made by Anushiya devi in State of undress. She accepted their demand and with her power of devotion she changed Thiru Moorthi’s into 3 years old babies and fed them. On seeing the power of devoting Anushiya devi, the Thiru Moorthi’s blessed the couple and hence the place is known as Thiru Moorthi hills. Temple Timings 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pooja Details Abhishekam on Every Sunday 12 Noon - 1 p.m. On all other days only if sponsored. Located at Tirumurthry Hill, Tirumurthy Nagar - 642112, Ph : 04252-265440, 265236

thirumoorthy falls


  1. Sivanmalai is located 5 km away from Kangeyam and 40km north of Dharapuram near Coimbatore.

  2. Arunagirinathar, the saint poet of Tiruvannamalai has sung of Sivanmalai in his Tiruppugazh, where he refers to this shrine as Pattiyalur. Lord Muruga was worshipped by Sivavakya Siddhar here.

  3. Legend has it that Murugan married Valli against the wishes of her kinsmen who pursued the couple to Sivanmalai; all of the tribal huntsmen who fought with the couple were slain. An ahast Valli requested Murugan to restore to life, a long list of her kinsmen and Murugan obliged and restored all the Vedars to life.

  4.  The hill: It is believed that this hill is a piece of the Sanjeevani hill carried by Hanuman from the Himalayas to restore Lakshmana to life, with the medicinal herbs that grew on it. Another hill nearby associated with the same legend is Udiyurmalai and both these hills are believed to have rare medicinal herbs.

  5. The temple: The temple is built on a hillock and is accessed through a flight of 200 steps. The main shrine enshrines Subramanyar with Valli and Deivayanai.

  6. Tradition: From time to time, Sivanmalai Andavar appears in the dream of an ardent devotee and requests that a certain object (like sand, water, etc) be kept in pooja for him. It has been seen that the availability of the object that is kept in pooja becomes scarce. For example, sand kept in pooja would mean the price of land would go up, water in pooja means that a drought could be impending, etc.

  7. Festivals: Kartikai asterism and new moon days in each month are considered to be of significance at Sivanmalai. Skandasashti is celebrated in great splendour as in other Murugan temples. Other festivals here include Thai Poosam, Aadi Kritikai andPankuni Uthiram.

  8. Contact No. 04257-220680, 220630, 230635.


Tirupur Kumaran Memorial :

Tirupur Kumaran was born on 04-10-1904. A stauch freedom fighter who waged a relentless struggle against the British. Deeply involved in Desabandu Youth Movement his patriotic fervour was extraordinary. Beaten mercilessly by Police he held on to the flag as if it is his own life. He attained Martyrdom on 11-01-1932. This memorial is situated on Kumaran Salai. It was opened on 07-04-1991 as a mark of respect to the great son of this soil. Located at Tirupur Kumaran Salai, Near Railway Station, Tirupur.

Udumalpet :

Poor Man’s Ooty, as it is called, the Udumalpet town is one of the famous summer resorts of Tamil Nadu, surrounded by Mountains on three sides. Both the Thirumurthi and Amaravathy Dams situated south of Udumalpet adds beauty to its location. Thirumurthi hills, which is about 21 kms south of here would soon get a face lift. Coming to the spiritual aspect, this taluk has got a number of famous temples. A Boat house, Swimming Pool, Crocodile farm are situated.

‘Udumalai’ Narayanakavi Memorial :

He was born on 25-09-1899. He worked in cinema, drama, music field and achieved fame by his famous thought provoking lyrics by which he evoked awareness among people. He died in the year 1991. His Memorial is located at Udumalaipet. His life history and photographs are displayed here for the public.


Kangeyam Bull :KangeyanBull
 The Kangeyam bull or Kangayam cattle conform largely to the Zebu Southern Indian Mysore type, though there is evidence of the blood of the gray-white Ongole cattle in their appearance. These genes may have given the breed its larger comparative size. This breed, in its native area, is also known by the names of Kanganad and Kongu Nadu though the name Kangayam is popular. They are bred in the Southern and Southeastern area of the Erode district of the Tamilnadu State in India. There are two varieties of Kangayam cattle, one smaller than the other. The smaller variety is more prevalent in Kangayam, Dharapuram, Udumalpet, Pollachi, Palladam and Erode while the larger variety is found mainly in Karur, Aravakurchi and Dindigul subdivisions.


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