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Tamil literature has a long and glorious past. Its five grand epics namely, Silappathikaram, Manimehalai, Kundalakesi, Seevaha-sinthamani, and Valayapathi still hold their swaying of their classic nature.

Devotional literature like Periya Puranam, Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, Thiruppavai, Thiruvembavai, Seerapuranam and Thembavani are the excellent examples of traditional traits in literature. The Indian like Ramayanam, Mahabharatham etc translated in Tamil also contributed their share in taking Tamil literary movement forward. Right from the grand old poetess Avvai, ebullient Kamban inclusive, and, till Mahakavi Bharathi Tamil literature reached its pinnacle.

Manikkodi period which is supposedly the first half of the last century could be considered the renaissance period of modern Tamil literature. Prose, particularly short story saw doyens emerge from its stable. Puthumai-pithan a stalwart from the Manikkodi heirachy a master story-teller par-excellence even at the all-India level. The zenith he achieved is yet to be touched by any. Mouni, Koo.Paa.Raa, Jeyakanthan and the like proved worthy foils for him. In Novels T.Jaanaki Raman, Sundara-raamasami, Vanna Nilavan, Poomani, Akilan left their indelible mark and brought about a respectability to Tamil novels. On the historical novel front Kalki, Aru.Ramanathan, Chandilyan, Jega Sirpiyan and the like rose to dizzy heights and etched a place for themselves by creating readership even among the masses.

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