TamilNadu Heroic Games
When you think of heroic games in Tamilnadu the first one that strikes your memory is "SILAMBAM" A kind of martial art where your weapon is a long stick.. Right from the SANGHA period the Tamil kings have patronised. Even in Thiruvilayadal Puranam there are mention about this game in it. One of the ancient medical journal Pathartha Sindhamani talks about its ability to heal ailments and also adds that regular practice makes one physically strong. Footwork is the hallmark of this game. Every step has its own name and significance to it. Many of the movements resemble those found in Bharatha Natyam dance. In the advance version of Silambam sharp weapons like knife, spear and many other arms also used. Even wars have been fought with warriors resorting to Silambam as the main form of combat.

There were no formal schools to teach Silambam. Only the traditional 'Guru-Sisya parambara' method was followed whereby the teacher passed his knowledge to his disciple and this continued like a chain unbroken. Later there was an institute to teach Silambam was established at Vellore Fort and several others cropped in the Southern parts of Tamilnadu only to vanish due to lack of patronage. But even now no temple festival passes-off without the enthralling display of Silambam in its finer form.

Boxing :

Thanks to the initiative by Y.M.C.A. boxing enjoys certain amount of popularity in and around Chennai. Some private clubs also followed suit but did not last long.

Jallikattu :

Another heroic sport that is unique to Tamilnadu is what is known as 'Manju-Virattu' OR 'Jallikattu'. It is not 'Bull-fighting' as in Spain but kind of Bull chasing and capturing. It has proved fatal many a time but still enjoys immense popularity among rural youth in South Tamilnadu. The one held at Alanganallur in Madurai area attracts tourists throughout the world.

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