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 Sivagangai Palace

sivagangai palace

  1. The Sivaganga palace was built in 1730, tt also called “Gowri Vilasam”, is situated in the Sivaganga district about 40 km from Madurai. It was once the seat of Marava kings. At present the palace is in dilapidated condition but the architectural beauty can still be appreciated. The architectural style of the palace reflects elements borrowed from the Thirumalai Nayak’s period and infused with Rajputana arts.

  2. Inside the Palace : The Temple of Sri Raja Rajeshwari The only portion intact at the Gowri Vilasam is the temple of Sri Raja Rajeshwari. It is the family deity of the royal family. Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple is open for the public only in the evenings and on auspicious days. On the Southern part of the temple there is a huge hall supported with numerous pillars. It is believed that the entire royal household functions used to take place there. There is a palanquin in the front facade of the palace that lies in a decrepit condition.

  3. Nadai Kinaru : Nadai Kinaru is another important and interesting feature in the Sivaganga palace. It is actually a miniature swimming pool. It is believed that the tank had direct connections so that fresh water could be provided and also fill two huge tanks beside the Nadai Kinaru. It was apparently meant for the womenfolk of the royal family.

  4. How to Reach Sivaganga Palace : Due to its close proximity to Madurai, Sivaganga is easily accessible to the tourists. Buses and taxis are easily available from Madurai. Madurai is the nearest airport.

Athangudi :

Home of the famous Athangudi tiles. Visit a factory and see how these famous handmade terracotta tiles are patterned and sun-dried. They say it’s the local sand that’s the secret behind the texure.

DeivamWonderlandChettinad Museum :

At Chettinad, don’t miss the house-converted to museum next door to the Raja’s palace. Among the Kitchen tools the best is the travelling kit. No self-repecting Chettiar would eat out, so this elaborate basket housed everything from masala dabbas and choppers to rice bins and ladle sets. Then there’s traditional jewellery and clothing, huge copper water vats and grain bins...everyday items that trace the chettiar’s way of life. The labelling isn’t too good and a guide comes in handy. So far, entrance is free.

Devakottai :

Devakottai is a town and a municipality in Sivaganga. Devakottai is one of the most popular and biggest cities of the nagarathar community. Devakottai is also famous for Nagarathar temples and bungalows. In Devakottai there are two colleges, Sevugan Annamalai Art college and Ananda College, run by the R.C. Diocese of Sivagangai.

Deivam Wonderland :

1 km from Pillayarpatti. The antiquity value of the temple is exhibited in Deivam Wonder Land Museum. Timings : 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all days. Entrance fee Rs. 20/- Address : Near Vairavanpati Arch, Pillaiyarpatti Post - 630207.


Edaikattur Church :

Idaikattur Church is the Sacred Heart Shrine Built with full of arts in Gothic architectural style on the model of the  RHEIMS cathedral in France. All those beautiful statues were brought  from France 110 Years back to Idaikattur. The reason is that only in this shrine there are the Relics (things connected with)of 40 saints kept on the main altar. Secondly, there is a historical event which took place 110 years back, when this Church was built that 9 choirs (hundreds) of angels appeared and solved a great problem.  The Location of the shrine is 36 Km away from Madurai on the way to Ramnad or Rameshwaram main road.

Kamban Mani Mandapam :

To honour Kamban Mani Mandapam was built by Nagarathars at Nttarasankottai and programmes about Tamil literature are conducted annually.


kalaiyar temple

It was ruled by the Maruthu Pandiyar. There is a very big Shiva temple, which they built Kalaiyar Kovil is owned by the family of the Rajah of Sivaganga. It is run by their devasthanam, and a trust of the zamindar family of Devakottai. Kalaiyar kovil derived its name from the Kaleeswarar temple of the place. In the 9th Century A.D. Saint Sundara moorthy nayanar described the presiding deity in his devotional songs as Kaalai. Located at 18 km east of Sivagangai, 30 km west of Devakottai - Manamadurai Road and 66 km South-East of Madurai - Tondi Road.

Kaleeswarar Temple :

The holy temple Kalaiyarkoil is in Sivaganga District. It is 18 K.M east of Sivaganga, 30 km west of Devakottai on the Devakottai – Manamadurai Road and 66 km south – East of Madurai – Tondi Road. “Kalaiyarkoil” derived its name from the Kaleeswarar temple of the place.  The temple of Kalaiyarkoil is a very large and handsome building surrounded by a strong stone-wall about 18 feet in height. Kalaiyarkoil has two Rajagopuram viz big and small one. There is a big Tank on the Southern side of the Temple.

Chettinad Palace

Chettinad palace

  1. Chettinad Palace is an outstanding specimen of the Chettinad architecture. The oldest surviving building of this style, the Chettinad Palace was built by Dr Chettiyar, founder of the Indian Bank and the Annamalai University in Chidambaram. Chettinadu extended 25 km from the north to south and 15 km from west to east.

  2. The basic style of architecture reflects traditional architectural style of Chettinad.

  3. The woodwork and stonework was inspired that of the houses in France and other European destinations.

  4. The verandah is just next to the iron-gate and was converted into the waiting area for the visitors. The flooring of the waiting area is done with white marble. The meeting hall is decorated with several pairs of tusks.

  5. The ceiling has artistic patterns in vegetable dye over roofing plates made of copper soldered with a special variety of aluminum. The walls are made 1.5 ft to 3 ft wide to keep the interiors cool without the use of any electronic equipment like the air conditioners.

  6. The no cementing agent was used in the construction and the bricks are bound together with a paste of egg white, the extract of an unripe medicinal fruit found in the hills of Kadukkai and lime grind.

  7. A puja room in a corner of the courtyard is the place where Rani Seethai Achi, wife of Dr Annamalai Chettiyar, spent most of her time. Rows of aruamanai or the iron blades are hung on shelves outside the kitchen, meant for cutting vegetables and grating coconut.

  8. There is also a small dining room for private dinners with an extendable rosewood table. The room has photographs and paintings of the British days. This dining area has its own kitchen and a storeroom. The first floor comprises mainly of bedrooms and living rooms that are not open to outsiders.

  9. Ph : 04573-221371

Kannadasan Memorial :

He was born in Thiru Mukkudalpatti in Karaikudi. He was a great Lyricist. He raised the level of Tamil Film Songs to Himalayan Heights. The memorial was opened on 21-10-1992. Situated at Karaikudi - Opp. to new bus stand.


Karaikudi :

 (45 kms.) Karaikudi is the biggest city in Chettinad and is famous for its Ganesha Temple, Saris. This small town is known for its magnificent mansions constructed by the Chettiars - a caste known as much for their prosperity as well as their hospitality. Though the owners of these palatial wonders have long scattered, having left for distant shore, the beautifully carved wood work as well as the stone and mortar work of these houses can still be appreciated. Comprising about 72 villages of which many of them were once the homes of wealthy merchant families known as the Chettiars. Today, it is an area of mostly deserted splendid mansions. The place derives its name from the famous plant “Karai” which abounds in the area. The Alagappa College founded by the late Dr Alagappa Chettiar has been upgraded now as a deemed University and is known as Alagappa University.

Kandadevi Temple :

The Village Kandadevi is situated 3 Km away from Devakottai Town. Here the Temple is called as Arulmigu Sowarna  Moortheeswarar alias Siragilinathar. The Amman is called as PeriyaNayaki Amman. This is 350 years old Temple. The Temple is maintained by Sivaganga Devasthanam. It is here Hanuman told to Rama ‘Kanden Deviyai’. Hence this place is called as Kandadevi. The Aani Urchavam is very famous festival for this temple, which is celebrated every year, during the month of June by the people of 75 Villages.

Kundrakudi Temple :

Arulthiru Shanmuganathan Holy Temple is situated at 10 Kms from Karaikudi, Sivaganga District. Built around the year 1000 in Lord Shanmuganathan is the presiding deity and the History is refered Mayuragiri Puranam. Marudhu Pandiyars Kings of Sivaganga renovated the Temple in their days. Important festivals include Thaipusam in January, Panguni Uthram in March, Thirukarthikai in November, and Kandha Shasti also in November Prayers in this temple bring relief from diseases and mental worries. The Devotees are blessed with good Children.




Karpaka Vinayakar Temple

  1. It is an ancient rock-cut cave shrine dedicated to Ganesha, located at Pillayarpatti,15 km west of Karaikkudi.

  2. The Agama texts found on stones in the temple help date the temple between the years of 1091 and 1238. A unique Tamil image of Ganesha found in the temple helps to verify this dating. The presiding deity of the temple is Karpaka Vinayakar or Desi Vinayaka Pillaiyar.

  3. Today, the Pillayarpatti Nagarathar worshipers are involved in conducting daily worship services in the temple, as well as maintaining it. People from all over the state, as well as great numbers of pilgrims, come here everyday and gather for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival held every year during the months of August and September.

  4. Like all Shivite temples, Pillayarpatti temple also has Lord Shiva as its presiding deity. Lord’s name is Arjunapureeswarar. This temple is more famous for the rock cut Vinayagar (Ganesha) sitting majestically inside a cave.

  5. Shri Karpaga Vinayagar : The Vinayagar sannidhi (Sanctom Sanctorum) is a cave where the 6 feet Karpaga Vinayagar has been carved inside. As this is a cave formation, there is no provision to go around for the pradakshina. The inner sanctum is well illuminated with oil lamps and the whole idol is covered with gold. Its only during the Abhishekam or the holy bath when we get to see the full idol in its pristine glory.

  6. Temple timings: 6 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

  7. Ph : 04577-264240/41.

Lord Vetudayar kali amman temple:

It is situtated at Kollankudi about 15 kms away from Sivagangai . It is maintained by Hindu Religious Charity Endowment department.

Marudupandiyar Memorial :

They were not afraid of Britisher’s bullets and fought for the independence of our beloved country. The Maruthu brothers are the descendents of Sivaganga Velu Nachiar who ruled efficiently. For the sake of their citizens, they surrendered to the Britishers during 1801 and then hanged. Periya Maruthu was born on 1748 and Chinna Maruthu was on 1753. Both were hanged on 08-10-1801. Maruthupandiyar’s memorial is located in Swedish Mission Hospital Campus. The memorial was opened for the visiting public on 21-10-1992.

Ilayankudi :

Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar was one among 63 saivite saints. He was a farmer. Maranar was his name and lived here. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva and His devotees. He took greatest pleasure in serving them.

Thirukostiyur Temple :

Thirukostiyur Temple

This is important  out of 108 Vaishnava temples. The Alwar  Ramanujar   has visited and prayed God Sri Vishnu. The God’s name is “Sowmiya Narayana Perumal”. The God is in five floors. This is also known as ‘South Thiruppathi’. Each year, ‘Masi Magam Deepam’ is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm here.

Thiruvenkadamudaiyan - ThenTirupathi :

Dedicated to Lord Srinivasa Perumal, is a vast temple complex with a 100 year old history and referred to as “Then Tirupati” and “Arulmigu Ariyakkudi ThiruvenkadamudaiyanTemple”. This temple was build by Nattukkotai Nagarathars. After 100 years, this shrine was renovated by the cost of Rs.10 million and Consecrated recently on 16th September 1999.

AMM Nattukottai, Pallathur :

The AMM Nattukottai of the Murugappa Group in Pallathur (on Aranthangi Road) is a private yet collective residence. In keeping with the times, the family has built bungalows behind the old Nattukottai, in the same architectural style, for each of the sons. This village is home to a Vairavar Temple. It’s known for its musical pillars, each of them producing a different note of the saptaswaram, the septave of Indian music. Do observe the sculptures, especially the horses and elephants. Pallathur is 12 km north of Karaikudi on NH210, via Kottaiyur, towards Trichy.

Sivan koil :

There are two Siva Temples at this place. Sree Viswanatha and Sree Subramanian temple, bigger of the two is an important temple. The Maruthu brothers (1783-1802) originally built the Thirugnana Subramaniyan temple, Lakshmiammal, a poor Brahmin widow brought a lingam from kasi sometimes before 1852 and installed it in the temple. The decendents of Lakshmi Ammal handed over the temple to the Rajah of Sivaganga for maintenance. Since then the temple is known as Sree Viswanathan Sree Subramanya temple. The another Siva temple is Sasivarneswarar temple situated near busstand. There are other small temples viz.Perianayaki Amman temple, Perumal Temple, Pillaivayal kali koil, Kaliamman koil, Velayuthsami koil, Saneeswaran temple and Gowri Vinayaga koil. Sivanga is the birth place of poet Sudhananda barathy who is known to the world over as Kaviyogi Maharishi.


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