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Siruvachur Mathurakaliamman Temple


  1. This temple has existed during “The Chola” period and that too during the ‘Karpukarasi Kannaki’ of Silappathlgaram fame.

  2.  The main deity of this temple at Siruvachur is “Chelliamman”. One sorcerer due to his wickedness, controlled this deity and used her to carry out all his evil deeds.

  3. Chelliamman narrated to Madhurakali Amman about the sorcerer and how he misused her for his evil deeds. On hearing this, Madhurakali Amman assured Chelliamman that she would stay that night in the temple and would do something.

  4. Chelliamman realised the power of Madhurakali Amman and requested her to be at Siruvachur permanently and bless all the devotees. She decided to go to the neighbouring hillock called “Periaswamy Hill”. But, she wanted the first respect always from the devotees. Also she wished that the successors of the sorcerer, refrained from the evil activities, should be the temple priests, on consideration of his sincerity in the past years.

  5.  Madhurakali Amman agreed graciously for her request and stays at Siruvachur and blesses the devotees who come to the temple on Fridays and Mondays. On some important sacred days also this temple is opened.

  6. Temple Deity &. Location : Shri Mathurakaliamman, Siruvachur, 48 Kms from Trichy on Trichy - Chennai High way or 8 Kms from Perambalur. 250 kms from Chennai.

  7. Dharshan timing : From 8.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. without break on Mondays and Fridays only.

  8.  Contact office  Ph :  04328-225333, Temple Ph :  04328-225325.

Alathur :

Alathur is a block in Perambalur District of Tamil Nadu. This administrative unit is on the National Highway 45 between Tiruchirapalli and Ulundurpet. The place serves as a turning point to Chettikulam, known for two ancient temples.

Chettikulam Thandayuthapani Swami Temples :

The Ancient Arulmigu Ekambareswar and Thandayutha Pani Swami Temples are situated in Chettikulam Village, Perambalur District. The above temples were built by King Kulasekara Pandian, some 500 years ago. These temples are situated 22 Kms. away from Perambalur and 8 Km west of Alathur gate in Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway (NH-45). These temples reflect the architecture of the early days. In Arulmigu Ekambareswarar temple the Thai Poosam festival is celebrated every year in the month of January for 10 days. At the time of above festival, people from various places visit the temple and get the blessings of Lord Siva. In the same way, Panguni Uthiram Festival is celebrated in Arulmigu Thandayuthapani temple for 14 days in the month of April every year. The above festival is celebrated in grand manner and various cultural programmes are conducted at that time. The rock outside of Chettikulam Village on the top of which is located Balathandabani. It is an ancient and well-known shrine built by the Chola. There are number of stone inscriptions giving the history of the temple. Ph : 04328-268008.

Cholagangam Lake :

The lake is now called Ponneri. It was brought into being by Rajendra Chola-I as a "water pillar of victory" (Jalamayam and Jayashthambam). According to Thiruvelangadu Plates it was named Cholagangam. The bund is very high and the length being more than 5 Kms; at full water-level. It has a water spread of nearly 130 Sq.kms. It once had a surplus were and input channels from Kollidam river and Vellar.

Esanai :


one more beautiful village named Esanai in the Perambalur district limits. This village Esanai is 8 km away from Perambalur city. Esanai is on the way to Attur from Perambalur. Esanai is an idyllic village 50 miles east of Trichy, Sendurai taluk. Also, it has few temples especially Mariyamman, Perumal and siva temples are very popular. Every year mariyamman car festival celebrated in grant manner in the summer. Rail Route : From Chennai take a train to Dalmiapuram or Tiruvaiyaru and then take a taxi to Esanai. Bus Route : The main way to reach this place is via Trichy. contact : 0431-2460136, 2482884.

Mayil Uthu Falls

18 km from Esanai in Pachaimalai hills. There are also indigenous tribes, such as the Malayalis, who trade some of their surplus hill produce to the towns below on the plains, trading for items not available in the hills. Jackfruit is a popular seasonal agriculture produce from this area.

Ranjankudi Fort :

Ranjankudi Fort is located 17 Kms. North of Perambalur. The Fort was built by a Jagirdar under Nawab of Carnatic in 17th century A.D. The Fort walls are built with neatly cut stone blocks. The fort contains a palace, residential buildings, underground chambers, mosque and flag mast. The fort was the scene of the battle of Valikondah between the English and Mohammad Ali on one side and Chanda Sahib and the French on the other side in 1751 AD.

Sathanur Fossil Tree :

Geological study shows that more than 120,000,000 years ago, the sea (which lies today about 100 Km. East of Sathanur) had transgressed as far as 8 to 10 Km West of Sathanur. During this period which is Geologically known as the cretaceous, the sea abounded in a variety of marine animals similar to those found in the present day sea. These animals, after death, sank to the bottom and were buried by sands and clays brought down by the rivers. Along with them some of the trees which flourished on the seacoast or near shore were also buried after transport by flooded streams and were petrified in course of time. The large trunk of petrified tree, which can be seen here, lies within the Trichinopoly group of rocks of about 100,000,000 years ago. This tree shows the presence of Conifers that dominated the land vegetation prior to the advent of Angiosperms. The petrified tree trunk at Sathanur measures over 18 meters in length. Similar fossil trees measuring a few meters in length are found along the stream sections near Varagur, Anaipadi, Alundalipur and Saradamangalam. Dr.M.S.Krishnan of the Geological Survey of India first reported this fossil tree in 1940.

Valikandapuram Temple :


This temple is Parantaka temple and near by are ruins of another temple. Lord Muruga is very much tall - appears to be taller than Swamimalai Nathan. Murugan - Thandayudhapani & Aarumugam, Eeshwaran - Birammapureeswarar, Ambigai - Balambigai, Perambalur - 621115.

Veppanthattai :

Veppanthattai is a taluk headquarters in Perambalur District. This town, about 16 km north-east of Perambalur, lies on the road to Attur from Perambalur. Krishnapuram is in the north, Esanai in the south and Valikandapuram in the east. Ranjankudi Fort and Mathurakaliamman Temple at Siruvachur can be visited while in Veppanthattai.

Veppur :

Veppur is around 25 km north-east of Perambalur and 15 km from Kunnam. Ranjankudi Fort, dating back to the 17th century, is the nearest attraction.

Siruvachur Mathurakaliamman Temple :

6 km from Perambalur. Siruvachur Mathurakaliaman temple at Siruvachur in Perambalur taluk is one of the most popular shrines in the district. The presiding deity of the temple is known as Sri Mathurakaliamman. She is one of the forms of Kali. Contact office Ph : 04328-225333, Temple Ph : 04328-225325.

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