Dindigul Places of Interest

Abirami Amman Temple :

This is located 1 km from the Bus stand. During Navarathri, Goddess Abirami will be on Kolu. There will be One Lakh Archana to the Goddess Gnanambikai. During the Fridays of Tamil Adi month there will be a Procession of Goddess Abirami on a flower Pallak. Ph : 0451-2433229.

Dindigul Fort :

From Dindigul Bus Stand Town bus available upto Adivaram. The Huge Hill at Dindigul, if we see it from one angle, looks like Pillow (‘Dhindu’) and hence the City is known as Dindigul. On this at a height of 280 ft. in the year 1605 Madurai King ‘Muthu Krishna Naicker’ started the construction of this Fort. In 1623 to 1659 Mannar Thirumalai Naicker completed this. In 1755 Hyder Ali was escorting Fakhr-Un-Nisha his wife and Five years old Tipu to Dindigul. From 1784 to 1790 the Fort was under the rule of ‘Tipu Sultan’. In 1784, the Tipu’s commandant Syed Ibrahim, under whose care the Fort was, constructed many rooms in the Fort, strengthened the walls and also got it repaired. During the year 1790 in the Mysore war Tipu was defeated and the Fort came into the hands of English.

dindigul fort

Begambur Big Mosque :

2 km from Dindigul Bus Stand. During the rule of Hyder Ali at Dindigul, he constructed three Mosques - One for himself for Namaz, 2nd for his soldiers underneath Rock Fort and 3rd in the south of Rock Fort for public and gave more grants for the maintenance and upkeep of the same. In Hijri 1187 (1766AD) Ameer-un-Nisha Begum, the wife of Killedar Mir Riza Ali khan and the younger sister of Hyder Ali Bahadur, was dead and buried in the Begambur Mosque compound itself. A Tomb was constructed on it. In memory of the Royal lady this part of Dindigul is known as Begambur. Ph : 0451-2402086.

Bi-voltine Seed Farm at Sirumalaipudur :

This farm is situated 28 Kilo meteres away from Dindigul at the height of 1800 Mtrs. M.S.L. The climatical conditions prevailing in the hilly area is suitable for Bi-voltine race seed rearing. Seed cocoons produced in this farm are being utilized for production multi Bi-voltine Cross breed layings in the cross breed grainage Dindigul. Nearly two lakhs nos. of Bi-voltine race seed cocoons have been produced every year in this farm.

Cross Breed Grainage:

This Grainage was established in 1981 for welfare of Dindigul, Theni, Madurai and Virudhunagar District Seri culturists. The role of the Grainage is to produce multi-Bivoltine cross breed layings and distribution of the same to the Seri culturists. This unit produces 2.00 lakhs of Disease free layings every year.

Model mulberry plantation C.K.Pudur :

This unit cater the need of farmers in and around Palani, by providing Technical guidance about Moriculture and silk worm rearing. Every year this farm is producing cross breed cocoons about 250 kgs.

Nadupatti - Anjaneyar Temple :

This is located in Nilakottai Taluk. 35 Kms from Dindigul. This can be reached from Madurai also. This Temple is near river side. Most of the time the statue will be in water.

Periya Nayagi Amman Temple :

periyanayagi amman temple

Periya Nayagi Amman temple is one of the important temples in Palani. It is one of the sub temples of Dhandayuthapani Swamy devastanam. The temple architecture is in unique Nayak style, with the Periya Nayagi Amman at the centre and other deities in the same row. There are lot of sculptures with excellent art work. The Main Mandapam is constructed with lot of tall stone pillars carved with huge idols of Lord Muruga in many forms. The main Raja gopuram is not built, only the foundation is visible. Many of the small gopurams found in this temple were built by Dhandayuthapani Swamy devastanam at a later period. Ph : 04545-242253.

Sri Kottai Mariamman Koil :

4 km from the Bus stand. It is more than 200 years old. The Mariamman idol is said to be installed by the army men of Tippu Sultan at the foot of the mountain. The temple is constructed in the shape of a square. There is a temple for Vetri Vinayaka at the South & Lord Muruga at the North of this temple. There is a Mandapam (Hall) in the centre of the ground in which there is a sculpture of a Lion facing the Sannidhi. The Sanctum is small & square shaped. There are several sculpture on the sniper structure over the Sanctum Sanctorum,depicting various incarnations of the goddess Mariamman.

Sri Kaalakatheeswarar Temple:

Even though the temple is very old, it came into lime light during the period of Thirumalai. Naicker who renovated several temples in and around Madurai. God Kaalakatheeswarar and goddess Gnanambika are the presiding deities here. It was a practice to bring the idols of Abhirama Devi & Padmagiri Nagar from the mountain to this temple & Celebrate the Festival of Brahmasaram in the month of Chitrai.

stjohns fort

St. John’s Church :

Located near to the Bus Stand. This Church was constructed by Thomas Fernando, duing the British ruling. The important Ceremony of this temple will start on last Friday of January and will continue for 15 days. Construction of this church was started on 1866 and completed by the year of 1872. This church is the head church for all other churches in Dindigul.

St.Antony’s Shrine - Marambady :

St. Anthony’s shrine is the one of the shrines which is very famous in India. St. Antony’s shrine is situated at Marambady. Marambady is a big village, which has its patron St.Anthony the Hermit. It is three hundred years old shrine. Every year 16,17&18th of January the feast day of St. Anthony the Hermit is celebrated grandly. About 2 lakhs people pay a visit only on those three days. It is the biggest shrine dedicated to St. Antony in India and abroad as well. People from other countries also visit this shirne and they experience miracles. The uniqueness of the famous shirne is, people of other religions also come regularly. Even people belonging to other denominations also visit the shirne for intercession. Every one who belives in the intercession of St. Anthony the Hermit they are marvelously healed and blessed by the Holy Trinity.

Soundararaja Perumal Koil - Thadikombu :

This is the very important temple, 7 km from Dindigul to Karur NH 7 road. The temple is very famous for Sorna Agarsha Bairavar Boojai known as “Thei perai astami booja” in every month. Also it is famous for “Chakarathalwar” and “Hiagreewar” which is worshiped specially for studying students. Dindigul is known for its cigars and hand made locks and sirumalai plantains (mountain fruits). Till a decade ago, one Anguvilas - for scented chewing tobacco and one VaniVilas - for its coffee were famous landmarks in the city. ph : 0451-2557232.

108 Vinayagars (Nanmai Tharum Vinayagar) :

This temple has 108 Vinayagar which is quite famous in the city. This is the only temple where 108 Vinayagars will give dharsan to baktas.

Reddiarchatram, Gobinaathaswamy Temple :

An ancient 300 years traditional temple is situated on a hill from Dindigul-Palani NH 209 at a distance of 3 kms from Reddiarchatram on south-west direction. At the entrance foothill of the “Periyathiruvadi Garudalwar” and “Siriya Thiruvadi Anjaneyar” give blessings to the devotees and pilgrim who were climbing to the hill for darshan of Arulmigu Gobinathaswamy. On Aavani Tamil month birth star “Rohini” of Lord Gobinaathaswamy, 3 days “Uriyadi” festival conducted by temple adminstration. Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Off : Ph : 0451-2554324, Temple : 0451-2554241



Athoor is a village between Dindigul and Bathalagundu about 11 km West of Sempatti. 25 km from south of Dindigul, 66 km from North of Madurai. Athoor is a beautiful village surrounded by coconut and mango trees. Rice cultivation is the major occupation. The Kodaganar River runs through the village, joining the Kaveri River.

Athoor has a beautiful Catholic church. Sadayandi Temple is situated in the hill caves. Every year during the new moon of July/August there is an interesting festival, which attracts a good 50,000 pilgrims. Shri Kasi Vishwanathar temple, located in Athoor, is one of the oldest and most famous temples in the vicinity. The Lingam constructed in this temple is similar to Kasi temple lingam. Those who are unable to visit Kasi can get the blessings of Lord Shiva from here. In December Karthikai Festival is celebrated in this temple.

Shri Vandi Kali Amman temple of Athoor is notified as a vary famous temple. Once in a year a festival called ‘thirevela’ is celebrated here.

The area of Athoor Kamarajar Sagar Dam, in the Kamarajar Valley, on the spurs of the Western Ghats, provides accommodation in several. Lakeside Guesthouse with its prime location overlooking Kamarajar Lake offers unrivalled views, a relaxed and friendly environment and high quality cuisine. Double Dutch Resort, c/o Holland House with his garden at the boarder of the lake gives a perfect possibility for swimming, relaxing and walking at the boarder of the lake. Cardamom House and Wild Rock Country House are situated a bit further on in the valley. All premises have their typical own atmosphere and provide elegantly furnished rooms.


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