Dharmapuri at a Glance
Air: Nearest Airport is Salem Airport 307 km from Chennai.

Rail: Nearest Railway station is Dharmapuri.

Road: Dharmapuri is well connected by Road from Various cities of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Nearest Railwaystation ‘Mancherial’ which is on Delhi-Chennai Highway is 40 Kms away from Dharmapuri. Main Road Highways NH 7.

Area : 9,622 sq.km
Population : 28,233,000 (Census 2001)
Rainfall : 857 mm (Annual)
Climate : Max : 38°C Min : 17°C
STD Code : 04342
307 Km from Chennai


dharamapuri glance

Several dynasties- the Hoysalas, Pandyas, Vijayanagar kings, Muslim Sultans of Bijapur and Golconda, and the Nayak rulers ruled the area of Dharmapuri. Finally the British had control over this area since 1792 AD. During the British rule in the country and even till the year 1947 there was no separate district. It was just one of the Taluks of Salem district. It actually became a separate district in the year 1965 with Dharmapuri itself as its Head quarters. In sangam era Dharmapuri called as Thakadoor.

Dharmapuri district forms a major horticultural belt in the state. As the area is drought–prone it has become essential to switch over to cultivation of drought tolerant perennial fruit crops in this district.

Although almost all types of fruits and vegetables are cultivated here, Mango is the main horticulture crop of this District. It has the highest area under the fruit crops. The district accounts for nearly one-third area under mango and nearly one-half of the mango yield in the state. Nearly 80% of the products are of Thottapuri variety (Banglora) commonly referred to as Kilimukku. Dharmapuri being an inland district, fishing is restricted to inland only here. Main varieties of fish available are katla, rogu, mirgal, and common carp.

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