Adithanar :

He is called as the Jambawan of Journalism. C.B.Adithanar was the speaker and minister of Tamil Nadu legislative Assembly. He started the “Naam Tamilar” movement. The Daily Thanthi News paper was started by him. Born 27-09-1905, Died 24-05-1981. His statue is erected near the Police Commissioners Office, Egmore.

Dr. Ambedhkar :

His native place is Maharastra. Indian Jurist, Statesman, Social reformer and down trodden leader. Chairman of Constitution drafting body. Minister of Law, during the period 1946 to 1951. Posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna in 1990. Born : 14-04-1891. Died : 06-12-1956. Statue is situated at Saidapet.

Annai Terasa :

She founded the Missionaries of Charity dedicated to the destitues in Kolkata. Recepient of Nobel prize in 1979 and Bharat Ratna in 1980. She is to be canonised soon by the pope. Born : 26-08-1910, Died : 05-09-1997. Her statue is situated at Saidapet, opp. to Bus stand.

Annie Besant :

Being an Irish, took an active role in the Indian Freedom Struggle. She took up the responsibility of chairing the Chennai Adyar Brahama Gnana Sangam and also as the Chair person of Congress Working Committee. Born : 11-12-1847, Died : 20-09-1933. Her statue is situated at Marina Beach Road, near Ice House.

Arignar Anna :

Silver tongued and with a penchant for pen he was a great writer - orator who made his mark in politics particularly in Dravidian movement. Cancer snatched away a worthy, C.M. of Tamil Nadu. Born on 15-09-1909, Died on 03-02-1969. His statue is situated at Anna Salai.

Avvaiyar :

One of the greatest Tamil poets, had delivered poems of great moral values. Her simple and beautiful Lyrics devoid of rigmorales is a delight to every lover of Tamil Literature. She lived in B.C. Her statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

Bakthavasalam :

He was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 2-10-1963 to 6-3-1967. He was born to Mr. Kanagasabai and Mrs. Malika on 09-10-1897 at Minjur in Chengulpet Dist. His wife’s name is Gnana Sundaram. Born 09-10-1897. Died 13-02-1987. His statue is situated at his memorial in Guindy.

Bharathiyar :

Born in Ettayapuram this enigmatic writer-editor-freedom fighter was best known as ‘Mahakavi’ (The great poet). He inspired even common people into freedom struggle. He was fondly called by people as Bharathiyar. Born:11-12-1882 Died:11-09-1921. His statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

Bharathidasan :

Kanaka Suppurathinam, a disciple of poet laureate “Bharathi” named himself as Bharathidasan which means” Follower of Bharathi. A great lover of Tamil language he was deeply involved in self respect movement and Dravidian movement. His beliefs in class struggle were very much evident in his soul stringing poems. Born 24-4-1891, Died 21-4-1964. His statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

Elangovadigal :

A second century Prince - Turned bard he authored “Silapathiharam” an epic depicting the ever-green Kannagi-Kovalan story. He lived in A.D.2. His statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

George Fredric Samvel :

Supposed to be one of the finest statesmen of the British Raj, he was a staunch supporter of Christian Socialist movement and was elected to House of Commons in 1859. From 1866 to 1868 he was incharge of the Indian Affairs in the British Government. Born : 1827, Died : 1909. His statue is at the Corporation of Chennai.

G.U. Pope :

He was the one who translated the ‘Thirukural’ into English. He translated lot of Tamil Literary works into English. He wanted the following sentence as his epitaph : ‘Here rest a Tamil student’. Born : 24-04-1820, Died : 11-02-1908. His statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

Indra Gandhi :

India’s first Prime Minister Nehru’s only daughter. She was the first women P.M. Also the mother of yet another Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Considered as the personification of a modern women. Born : 19-11-1917, Died : 31-10-1984. Her statue is situated at Sriperumbudur.

Jagajeevan Ram :

He hailed from the lower rung of the society, fondly addressed by Gandhiji as leader of the Harijans. A Central Minister and highly respected in Indian politics, he diligently fought for the up-liftment of the down-trodden. Born : 05-04-1908, Died : 06-07-1986. His statue is situated at Ezhilagam.

Jawaharlal Nehru :

Son of Motilal Nehru, an emient lawyer. He was born on 14.11.1889. That Day is celebrated as Children’s Day. Along with Gandhiji he was in the fore front of the freedom movement and deservedly became the first Prime Minister of India. Born on : 14-11-1889, Died on : 27-05-1964. Situated in Guindy at Kaththipara Junction.

Jeevanandam :

Literator and orator par excellence he was one of the fore runners of Marxist movement in India particularly Tamilnadu. He represented Chennai Washermenpet as M.L.A. in 1957. He was a great Parliamentarian. Born : 21-08-1907, Died : 18-01-1963. His statue is situated at Tambaram.

Kamarajar :

Freedom Fighter - Congress President and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. He was personification of simplicity endowed with greatness. He championed the cause of poor and revolutionised education in Tamil Nadu making it free to all the poor and adding Mid-day meal to them as well. Born:15-07-1903. Died : 02-10-1975. His statue is situated at the memorial house of Kamarajar at Thirumalaipillai Road, T. nagar.

Kambar :

One of the great poets Kamban did in Tamil, what Valmiki has done in Sanskrit, i.e. The creation of the Epic Ramayana. More than Ten Thousand verses composed vouch for the genius of this 14th century Tamil Bard. His statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

Kannagi :

The much worshipped heroine of ‘Sillappathikaram’, an Epic in Tamil, she is still a role model of an ideal Indian women. She lived in A.D. 2 Her statue is situated at Marina Beach Road.

Kannadhasan :

Born in Thiru mukkudalpatti in Karaikudi had his Baptism as writer-orator in the Dravidian Movement. A great Lyricist he raised the level of Tamil Film Songs to Himalayan Heights. Born : 24-06-1927. Died : 17-10-1981. His statue is situated at T. Nagar.

King Edward the VII :

Prince Albert Edward alias ‘Bertie’ became the King Edward the Seventh of Britan and he made his Royal visit to India in 1875. He was much pained to see the inhuman treatment meted out to Indians by their ‘white-masters’. His statue is situated Opp. to Govt. Estate, Anna Salai.

King George V :

George Fredric Earnest Albert Vettanbu alias King George the Fifth was the second son of Edward the Seventh and Alexandra Royal Couple. Joining as an ordinary cadet in the Royal Navy he rose to the leve of its Admiral. His coronation took place on June 22, 1911. Born : 03.06.1865, Died : 20.01.1936. His majestic statue is a landmark near flower Bazaar Police Station.

Mahatma Gandhi :

The father of the nation who evolved a unique weapon - Ahimsa or Non-violence- to fight the might of the British Empire Born in 2-10-1869 this saintly man too was shot dead on 30-01-1948. His statue graces the Marina Beach Road.

Maniammai :

Maniammai was more than a wife to father of the Dravidian Movement Thanthai Periyar. She was a friend philosopher and guide who took care of his needs even during the fag end of his life. The glaring age difference between her and E.V.R. Periyar became the bone of contention in the rank and file of the movement, and which prompted Arignar Anna to revolt and pave the way for a totally new out-fit D.M.K. Her statue adorns the Periyar Maaligai. Born : 1920; Died : 1978.

Manuneethi Cholan :

Left an indelible mark in the annals of history in enforcing justice even if his own son be the culprit. This statue is situated in the High Court complex, Paris Corner.

Dr. M.G. Ramachandran :

Doyen of Tinsel-world turned politician. A pillar of D.M.K. But he was thrown-out of DMK and founded aiadmk and then became C.M. of tamilnadu in 1977. Fondly called by people as “Puratchi Thalaivar” He was posthumously awarded ‘bharath Ratna’. Born : 17-01-1917. Died :24-12-1987. His statue is at Anna Salai, opposit to Spencer Plaza.

Muthu Ramalinga Devar :

A great freedom fighter. Regarded as a saint in politics. A great admirer of Netaji; He established his forward bloc party in Tamil Nadu. A doyen in Indian politics his “Guru-Pooja” every year in his Samadhi attracts thousands of people. Born : 30-10-1908. Died on 30-10-1963. His statue is situated at Nandanam Signal.

N.S. Krishnan

Hailing from Kanyakumari district he was called ‘Kalai Vanar’. King of comedy’ was he in stage and films. He was a reformer and thinker. Born : 29-11-1908. Died 30-08-1957. His statue is erected opposite Vani Mahal in Thirumalai Pillai Road.

Panagal Arasar :

Affectionately called as “Panagal Arasar” by people is the man Rama Raya Nayanar. He is among the great Dravidian Stalwarts like Sir. P.T. Rajan and - Panagal Park with his statue created as a mark of respect to this greatman. Born : 19-11-1866. Died : 03-12-1929. His statue is situated in T. Nagar.

Rajaji :

Popularly known as ‘Mootharignar’ he was also described as the ‘Brain of India’. He has the dubious distinction of having become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu after being the first Governor-General of India. Born : 09-12-1878, Died : 25-12-1972.

Raja Annamalai :

Business magnet, philonthropist and champion of Tamil causes particularly Tamil music. The varsity in his name is a standing monument to this noble man. His statue is in Annamalai Mandram, Parry’s Corner.

Raja Muthaiah :

Founder of Annamalai University. He also contributed his share in promoting and popularising Tamil music. His order as a Minister of Education that the “Thevaram” be sung in schools is a land mark. Born : 05-08-1905. Died : 12-05-1984.

Rajiv Gandhi :

Pilot turned politician and eldest son of Mrs. Indira Gandhi became P.M. of India after her assassination. Known for his quest to create a modern India, he too fell prey to the evil design of terrorists. Born : 20-08-1944. Died : 21-05-1991. His statue is situated at Saidapet.

Sivaji Ganesan (Nadigar Thilakam) :

At the age of 9, Ganeshan was so interested in stage plays that he ran away from home to pursue a career in theatre. Ganesan’s first film was Paraasakthi in the year 1952. He has acted in about 300 movies. Born : 01-10-1927, Died : 21-07-2001. His statue is at Marina Beach Road, Near IG Office.

Triumph of Labour Statue :

This statue depicting the dignity and Triumph of Labour epitomizes the soul and sweat of back-breaking effort. This aesthetically pleasing work of art is one of the best creations of sculptor Debi Prasad Roy Choudhury. This statue is situated at marina beach, opp. to Madras University.

Sculptures Depicting the Tamil Cultural Significance
The Corporation of Chennai have installed the sculptures depict Tamil
cultural aspects such as Karakattam, Poikkalkudirai, Silambattam, Kalari,
Wood craft and... in various places of Chenai

Tamilnadu has a great tradition of heritage and culture that developed over 2,000 years ago and still continues to flourish. This great cultural heritage of the state of Tamilnadu evolved through the rule of dynasties that ruled the state during various phases of history. Many of the ruling dynasties gave patronage to art and culture that resulted into the development and evolution of a unique Dravidian culture that Tamilnadu today symbolizes with.

This is a very old Martial Art Form of Tamilnadu, played by men folk, for self defence from enemies and wild animals. The Ancient Tamil Kings used “Silambam Staves” for attacks during war. The soldiers of foot regiments were called “Thandu Padai” meaning - a regiment armed with Silambu Staves. The young people pass on to the handling on weapons, starting with the Sliambam, a short stick made up of extremely hard wood which could effectively deal with swords.

Located : Nungambakkam High Road
, near Sangeetha Restaurant


This art form is known as ‘Poikkal Kudhirai’ or ‘Puraviyattam’ in Tamilnadu. This art flourished under the patronage of the Thanjavur Kings and is said to have been first performed by Maratta artistes. In this folk dance, a dummy horse, prepared out of cardboard and bamboo sticks, and wooden sticks are used by artistes to produce the sound effect of hooves. It is stands on Sterling Road Signal, near Gee Gee Emerald Complex.

Located : Nungambakkam High Road, near Sangeetha Restaurant

This is a folk dance with musical accompaniment, performed balancing a pot on the head. Traditionally, this dance was performed by the villagers in praise of the rain goddess Mari Amman and river goddess, Gangai Amman, performed with literature with water pots balanced on their heads. This dance has two divisions - one, Aatta Karagam and the other ‘Sakthi Karagam’.

Located : Nungambakkam High Road, near Independance Day Park


Kalari is the Malayalam language word, for a special kind of gymnasium, where the martial art known as Kalari Payattu, is practised. It had its origins in the 4th century A. D. Legends claim, that the art began with the sage Parasurama, who possessed mystical powers. He built temples and also introduced martial arts, which have influenced and shaped many other arts. The art reached its zenith in the 16th century, in the days of Thacholi Othenan - a celebrated chieftain of north Malabar. It is stands on Cathedral Road, near Anna flyover

Located : It is stands on Cathedral Road, near Anna flyover


Wood craft has now started making articles for household, traditional panels in different sizes. Small shrines finely carved with wood known as kavadi have exquisite designs and serve as votive offerings to the deity that devotees carry on their heads as they go singing or chanting. Tables with the top covered with floral motifs or lovely parrots or panels with epic scenes are the most outstanding examples of this type of craft.

Located : Oppsit to Valluvarkottam, Nunagambakkam


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